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Amber thats so cute. Aren't kids amazing? I have tried to get hold of you and I guess I don't have the right stuff. Anyway JoAnn helped me when I was there and I do hope you get this. Will you please send me an email with your address Love to you all,
Galloping Granny


yeah, those talks are going to be fun when the history lessons come around.

we've already had to have them just based on skin color and religion though. my daughter was on the receiving end though. her best friend goes to church every sunday and flatly stated to my daughter that she doesn't believe in god because she doesn't go to church.

we laughed it off and asked her if she believed in god. she said yes. so we told her to tell her friend that 1) just because she doesn't go to church doesn't mean she can't believe in god and 2) her friend is christian and has to accept my daughter's beliefs no matter what ... hehe.


"A merry heart does good like medicine" and I've had my medicine today!


It's interesting how children pick up on thing like racism. Life's lessons are often learned at a young age.

Toilet humor...Hee hee hee.


yeah she is sooo taking after her father...


Definitely don't touch that sense of humor. It will serve her well! :-)


There's not a better entertainment system to be had than a child. Have a good weekend!


Wow, that's heavy stuff, the racial hatred stuff. It sounds like it was handled beautifully though. You do realise, don't you, that I'm taking a mental note of all these gems you write here so I can apply them to dealing with wee D when he gets older!


That is a good one. I wonder where they pick up such things...

Fraulein N

Hee. That's pretty funny. Was there a little gesture to go with the "paaaching"?

Hula Doula

I don't know what was funnier...the joke or the fact that she told that to company. ME!!!


I laughed hard at the sound effect!


Oh that joke! I am laughing so hard just at the thought of it coming out of a child's mouth...the things they pick up at school!

Another Pam

HA! Good joke! I may use that tonight.

My hubby is German and my oldest son is just beginning to learn about World War II and is coming up with some hard questions. I don't think that he likes being part "bad guy"

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